What is your light?


The purpose of coaching is to maximize the full potential of your abilities. What does living at your maximum look like for you? What needs to change for it to happen? What are you seeking:

  • balance in & joy from the aspects of your life (work, social, family, self, spiritual, physical health, financial)
  • peace of mind within yourself
  • motivation to launch an initiative or business idea you are carrying at the back of your mind
  • enhancing your mastery of a skill, for example: teamwork, leading others, patience, confidence, etc

Are you living life at your full potential? The moment you 1) realize there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be; and 2) are committed to bridging that gap, you are ready to engage a coach.

Coaching creates a program completely customized to you, keeping your values, goals, learning style at the forefront. This 1:1 level of support allows you to explore further and deeper in a safe and supportive space. Learn more about what coaching is and what makes it unique from other modalities of support.

During the coaching engagement, your coach will evoke, challenge and inspire the action that lives on the other side of the your comfort zone. Together we will explore a combination of the following:

  • Assessment of your current state
  • Clarity about your desired state
  • Discovery of the deepest “why’s” behind your longing
  • Awareness of internal obstacles – real, perceived and self-imposed – and strategy to overcome them
  • Creation of new patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviors

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