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Coaching Programs

Each coaching engagement is customized fully to who you are, what you’re facing and what you want to achieve. These programs are a popular way to get you started.

Discovering Me

In this program, delve into a guided exploration of yourself. Beneficial when you find yourself at a cross-roads with a decision or in-transition between phases of life. Enjoy greater clarity, enhanced self-awareness and tangible actions through our work together. Sample questions we would explore:

  • Where are you now? Current state assessment
  • What do you want? Your vision, goals, purpose
  • What motivates you? What holds you back? What limiting beliefs are you carrying?

6 months (2 sessions/month)

Thought Partner

Use this program as added support when you tackle a particular initiative. Or simply as a partner who challenges, broadens and stretches your thinking in real-time, as life is happening. Experience the power of having a trained, objective sounding board in your personal and professional life. Sample discussions include:

  • Methods to recognize and use your internal information centres (head, heart & gut) to inform your decision making
  • Tools to enhance self-awareness to identify & clear distractions !
  • Learn the best way to handle every-day challenges, such as interpersonal conflicts, leading teams, giving feedback, etc.

Most flexible! Package of 12 sessions to use as you like over a span of 8 months.

First 100 Days

For the individual newly promoted leader, set the tone with a strong presence in your first 100 days. Sample discussions include:

  • Create a vision for what you want to create in this new role
  • Develop goals and an action plan to achieve them during your first 100 days
  • Understand who you are (& aren’t) as a leader (Yes, you are a leader, regardless of your title!). Articulate your values, strengths, blind-spots.
  • If you are leading others, articulate your intentions towards the team, the culture you aim to cultivate

4 months (2 sessions/month)

Reach out to discuss which addresses your needs best.

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What clients are saying…

Never thought I would have a life coach. I actually didn’t know what it fully entailed until I began my first few sessions. I knew they were different from a counsellor/therapist, but didn’t fully understand how.

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Health ProfessionalOntario

Working with Zahra has been an incredible experience. From writing my undergraduate thesis to entering a male-dominated workforce, Zahra’s coaching has pushed me to become a motivated and confident participant in the tasks that matter to me. Most importantly, coaching has given me the tools to take a step back and address a problem’s root,

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University StudentOntario

For someone that has always thought I don’t like to talk about myself, Zahra was able to get me to do that with no hesitation because of the welcoming and understanding person she is. I was able to say what I needed to say, and never worried about how I was being perceived. She was

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Zahra created a warm, welcoming space where I felt comfortable sharing and working through negative thought patterns. I always felt good in speaking with her and each conversation left me feeling positive and inspired. She is talented in parsing through what is being said because she is an incredible listener!

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New York

Working with Zahra has been a great way to process my own thoughts and dig into my own weaknesses with a supportive guide. I always left sessions feeling like I had a new insight about myself and a way of tackling a challenge the next time it came up. Zahra has a natural way of

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Sales ConsultingNew York

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