What is your light?


Picture your company, a place where

…each person is engaged and leading from where they are, knowing they can have an impact regardless of formal position
…diversity of being and thought are celebrated. A place where people don’t have to put on their “professional faces” when walking in.
…communication is open and effective
…people-managers have the skills to coach their direct reports
…and the overall energy is positively charged.

This vision requires everyone being at the top of their game. I can help you make this a reality by:

Boost Individual Performance with One-on-One Coaching

Individual coaching is powerful for developing talent across the board, whether it’s an individual contributor, a newly promoted manager or an executive. Through this specialized program, you will build practical strategies to develop a clear approach for managing the challenges inherent in implementing new behaviours and skills. Whether you’re faced with leading a new team, enhancing your personal effectiveness or any of the other complexities you face in your role, coaching is the one tool that is complete customized for you, meeting you where they are in that moment and guiding you towards your goals. The ultimate aim is to help each individual see the value they create and learn how to wield it effectively.

Strengthen Team Performance with Workshops & Facilitation

The benefits of individual coaching can be enhanced in a team setting, with space to unlock the secrets of teamwork and collaboration: what makes the team click? what’s missing? What type of leadership is required from each team member? how committed are the members to the shared objectives? Setting or even re-setting this foundation is vital to their shared success. Sample workshops include:

  • Team Foundation: creating a shared understanding and commitment to the team’s vision, objectives, metrics for success. This includes the often overlooked discussion about team dynamics. When two or more people are working together towards a common goal, it is imperative to understand how they will work together to achieve it.
  • New Team Lead: taking the time to consciously establish the relationship’s norms and culture will create a more unified team with a trust that encourages open communication and increased collaboration.
  • Change Management within teams: as a team leader, do you desire and/or anticipate culture changes within the team? If so, this workshop will equip you and your team to adapt to, engage with and commit to the new landscape.

Does this sound like how you’d like to work? Submit a request and I will contact you to schedule a consultation to discuss.

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