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About Zahra

Why Fireflies?

Zahra SaigarZahra’s vision is a world where each woman discovers and shines her own light — whether it’s a spark of inspiration, a guiding light, a fiery passion or a deep-rooted confidence. For when each of us is at our brightest, we transform the world around us, much like the magic created by a sparkle of fireflies on a summer evening.

About Zahra

Like the clients she passionately serves, Zahra’s professional and personal journey includes multiple chapters and transitions — some planned and majority serendipitous! After graduating from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Zahra began her career in marketing at Hanesbrands, Inc. Intrigued by the complex, inner workings of a large corporation, Zahra packed her things into her car and drove through a few states to leap into the world of management consulting in order to broaden her exposure to Fortune 500 companies. She joined Philosophy IB a boutique consultancy, where she partnered with client teams to define new product innovation processes, develop talent management strategies and project manage large-scale product launches, she realized her true passion was coaching leaders on how to effectively inspire others, champion the mission, manage their personal brands and navigate relationships, in and out of the office.

She decided to build on this passion and launched Fireflies Leadership Coaching after achieving her Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designations from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the International Coaching Federation. She is motivated by her desire to help her clients tap their innate potential in order to maximize their impact.

Associate Certified Coach - International Coach FederationCertified Professional Coactive CoachWharton University of Pennsylvania

When you work with Zahra you can expect a dynamic and inspiring coach, instilling confidence, trust and respect in those around her. She will both, champion and challenge you with equal care. Bringing together her diverse experience, she brings a unique set of skills to the table to help her clients and organizations realize their peak potential. Zahra’s coaching style is informed and influenced greatly by advanced thinking and research across coaching, leadership, human behaviour and neuroscience. She’s particularly drawn to the relationship between what the client is verbally communicating and what they’re physically experiencing in their body and brain. Further advancing her own understanding of this enables her to incorporating all the senses and even movement to enrich her client’s learning. Check out her favourites here.

Outside of coaching, you will likely find Zahra embarking on her next international adventure, experimenting with flavours in the kitchen, or camping with her husband and spunky daughter.

What clients are saying…

Never thought I would have a life coach. I actually didn’t know what it fully entailed until I began my first few sessions. I knew they were different from a counsellor/therapist, but didn’t fully understand how.

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Health ProfessionalOntario

Working with Zahra has been an incredible experience. From writing my undergraduate thesis to entering a male-dominated workforce, Zahra’s coaching has pushed me to become a motivated and confident participant in the tasks that matter to me. Most importantly, coaching has given me the tools to take a step back and address a problem’s root,

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University StudentOntario

For someone that has always thought I don’t like to talk about myself, Zahra was able to get me to do that with no hesitation because of the welcoming and understanding person she is. I was able to say what I needed to say, and never worried about how I was being perceived. She was

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Zahra created a warm, welcoming space where I felt comfortable sharing and working through negative thought patterns. I always felt good in speaking with her and each conversation left me feeling positive and inspired. She is talented in parsing through what is being said because she is an incredible listener!

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New York

Working with Zahra has been a great way to process my own thoughts and dig into my own weaknesses with a supportive guide. I always left sessions feeling like I had a new insight about myself and a way of tackling a challenge the next time it came up. Zahra has a natural way of

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Sales ConsultingNew York

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