I have a completely different mindset

For someone that has always thought I don’t like to talk about myself, Zahra was able to get me to do that with no hesitation because of the welcoming and understanding person she is. I was able to say what I needed to say, and never worried about how I was being perceived. She was able to get me to rethink what was going on in life and come down to the core challenge and gave me tools to deal with them. I was always able to speak with her in the most honest and raw way possible and know I could trust what feedback I was getting. I can now say that I have a completely different mindset, and it is the mindset I was striving for on day 1. We went through many rollercoasters during our sessions, and at the end, I always was able to look back and think “wow, how is it all so clear now”. To me, that is what Zahra brought to my life, a sense of calmness, clarity, and ownership.